♥ Hidden Pearls Hijab – Review – Modest Styling ♥



I recently got the chance to try out 2 hijabs from Hidden Pearls, a UK based brand selling hijabs at affordable prices.They ship to around 191 countries and offer free returns within 14 days if you are not satisfies with their product. With Ramadan & Eid season, they also have Dates, Gift boxes, Handbags, etc.. also available.

The 2 hijabs I got to try are the plain deluxe and crimp hijabs. The Crimp Hijab in ‘lavender’ shade is my favorite. It drapes so well and sits in place all day with just a hijab pin. I love how the shade suits my tan complexion. I got a lot of compliments the day I wore it.


The Plain Deluxe Hijab which I got in the shade ‘deep bronze’ has more of a satin finish and shine to it. I had to use a lot of pins to keep it from slipping off. It is best suited for party wears especially if your party attire is heavy on glitter and shine. The satin finish of this hijab is subtle enough to not overbear the blingy dress yet sheen enough to balance it out.


Both hijabs are wide enough for ample coverage, which is my number one priority while choosing hijabs. The deluxe hijab is lengthier to create layers if you wish. The quality of the materials are very good and the prices are affordable.

In short I really loved these hijabs and would love to purchase more. I cant also wait to dig into their Ramadan collections. Do check out this link to see more.



These products were send to me for review purposes but the review is truly based on my experience.  Every individual is different and you may experience differently according to your body type and needs. I am not being paid to review this.

❤️ Abidha Basheer ❤️

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